Who’s in the picture?

Recently I ended up with my dad’s old camera that he purchased for a trip to Europe that he took us on in 1971. Inside the case, I found a roll of exposed Tri-X Pan TX135-20 black and white film, never obviously developed. I kind of assumed it was a stray roll from that trip and with a skip in my heart brought it to my local Walmart to be developed, thinking that the prints would take me on a trip down memory lane. That didn’t happen.

I picked up the developed roll, looked through the prints and did not recognize a single person or place. Photos of two children and 2 women who are clearly all of the same family. My husband teasingly asked if my dad had a secret second family somewhere.

The question is who are these people? Who can tell me about them? My Dad is long gone, and my Mom has no idea who they are.
I don’t like this feeling of not knowing. I always have a plan. I always know what to do and where to go to solve a riddle. Instead, I’m caught not knowing.
Don’t be caught not knowing what you need to determine regulatory compliance for your facility.

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