The Boy Scouts had it right: “Be Prepared”

The single-most effective way to keep your employees’ health and safety at the front and center of their consciousness is to promote a culture of complete safety each and every day within your organization. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your team.

Here’s a tip:

  • Put together an employee “Training Boot Camp”, so that as soon as you make a new hire, you are certain that a minimum baseline of required health and safety training has been conveyed to that individual in order to work at your company.
  • Don’t forget to have your employees take whatever job-specific training is appropriate: spill prevention controls, bloodborne pathogens, forklift, whatever is necessary to perform their jobs. Companies have had steep fines applied for failing to provide employees with proper training.

If you need help putting any of these plans together or providing any of the additional training, give your AET technical service representative a call or email us at As your environmental service provider, we want your employees to be as safe and secure as our own.