EPA Inspector Compliance Checklists

EPA inspectors conduct over 21,000 EPA inspections each year. What are some of the most common mistakes that lead to EPA finds? Here are three areas where EPA inspectors are likely to concentrate their inspection efforts this season. To avoid fines, court-ordered settlements and mandated control upgrades, make sure your facility is ready to prove compliance with the following.

Storm Water Permits
Record all repairs and make sure your storm water prevention plans are routinely updated to prove that you repair controls that fail. Sometimes it is just a matter of keeping the proper records. Inspectors expect controls to fail. If they don’t see a repair record, they will look for problems. The same caution applies to industrial storm water permits.

Leak Inspection and Detection
Facilities must routinely check for leaks of air toxic emissions from valves, pumps, piping and other leakprone equipment. Do this on a weekly basis and record your inspections.

Hazardous Waste Management
Vigilance is needed to check on hazardous waste storage areas. Weekly inspections of satellite accumulation areas need to be well documented. Inspectors will also check your records of waste determinations, manifests, land disposal notices, shipments, and training. Keep records of your employees’ training on hazardous waste management issues.