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The Larger Picture: What Else Might be Relevant?

Too often we tend to get tunnel vision, focusing on the regulations that apply to our specific facilities and forgetting that there are some tangential regulations that at a minimum, we as environmental professionals should be aware of. Other Compliance: Preliminary assessments, site investigations, Phase I and II assessments, pollution prevention (P2), manifest compliance, satellite […]

RCRA Housekeeping–Mistakes

EPA and state inspectors conducting inspections of manufacturing and industrial facilities will easily issue a citation if the facility has not stored and managed its hazardous wastes after making a waste determination. To keep the inspectors at bay, make sure your facility has done the following: • Identify if it is a listed hazwaste. Use process knowledge, […]

Got Florescent Tubes?

Got Mercury. What will you do with your elemental mercury come January 1, 2013? Four years ago, with all the best of intentions, Congress passed the Federal Mercury Export Ban Act (MEBA). The MEBA was meant to protect people in third world countries, where mercury is used in mining and other industries with little attention […]

Managing Your Long-Term Liability

Do you know the people who are managing your hazardous and industrial waste? Did you know that under the Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) you are responsible for final disposal of your hazardous waste, long after it has left your facility? Generators have been saddled with “cradle to grave” responsibility for the proper management […]

EPA Inspector Compliance Checklists

EPA inspectors conduct over 21,000 EPA inspections each year. What are some of the most common mistakes that lead to EPA finds? Here are three areas where EPA inspectors are likely to concentrate their inspection efforts this season. To avoid fines, court-ordered settlements and mandated control upgrades, make sure your facility is ready to prove […]