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What drives sustainability? 3 steps you can take today

Fact: The overwhelming majority of plastic garbage ending up in rivers and oceans doesn’t come from U.S. firms or consumers.  But here’s the reality on the ground – people want businesses to ramp up sustainability programs, not rest on their laurels. And that’s what’s driving change by industry. For example: Poland Springs is switching to 100% […]

AET Environmental is Honored to be a Finalist in Denver Business Journal’s 2019 Small Business Awards

Denver, CO – AET Environmental is proud to be a finalist in the 2019 Small Business Awards in Denver Business Journal’s 2019 Small Business Awards. 99.5% of Colorado businesses are small businesses, according to the U.S. Small Business Association, and they employ more than a million people. That’s why the Denver Business Journal highlights those […]

Hazardous cleanup from Camp Fire to begin

Special and Hazardous Waste The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it will begin to assess and remove household hazardous waste from burned properties in Paradise and Butte County, California, with assistance from the state Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) as part of the interagency response to the Camp Fire. EPA and DTSC will […]

What Lurks Beneath

In the United States, it is estimated that 16 million people have PFAS contaminated drinking water. Two older men and a young boy each hold spinner rods over the murky brown water. A small white cooler sits between them. “Have you caught anything?” I ask smiling, hoping that they won’t feel threatened by the question. […]

Do you know what is toxic?

Hazardous waste is any chemical or by product that can harm the environment and any living thing that gets exposed to it. These wastes are produced by manufacturing plants, agricultural processes, and some household products. The latter is the most overlooked – those that are lying innocently under your sink, in your basement or garage. […]

EPA’s listening to hazardous waste exemption arguments

Does your site generate a recoverable waste you think should be excluded from RCRA treatment? If so, it doesn’t hurt to make a case for it to EPA. The agency allowed Blanchard Refining in Texas City to de-list residual solids it generates by reclamation of oil-bearing hazardous secondary materials (OBSMs). The solids are F037 (primary oil/water/sludge) when […]

ColoradoBiz’s 2018 Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies

For the third year in a row, AET Environmental is one of the highest-scoring woman-owned companies; honored as one of ColoradoBiz’s Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies. Centennial, CO (July 12, 2018) – AET Environmental has been named three years in a row for one of ColoradoBiz’s Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies. Each year, ColoradoBiz does extensive research, collects […]

A lot more facilities will need spill plans soon

Brace yourself for new – and much more wide-ranging – spill plan regs from EPA.  Under a court order, the agency must propose Clean Water Act regs for preventing and containing hazardous discharges from facilities. You may be wondering, Didn’t EPA already do that with Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)? Yes and no. The SPCC rule […]

Keeping you updated: Countdown to EPA’s New Manifest System

EPA’s New e-manifest Effective July 1, 2018, EPA’s new e-manifesting system will go into effect streamlining data entry and minimizing errors.  Initially, this new electronic system will primarily be an interface between our partnering TSDFs and the EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) system.  Eventually all generators with a valid EPA Identification number will be welcomed to use […]