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Who’s in the picture?

Recently I ended up with my dad’s old camera that he purchased for a trip to Europe that he took us on in 1971. Inside the case, I found a roll of exposed Tri-X Pan TX135-20 black and white film, never obviously developed. I kind of assumed it was a stray roll from that trip […]

Converting brownfields into useful sites

Converting hazardous sites into flourishing properties comes with a long list of unknowns. On top of the potential risks, conversion can involve years of hard work, financial challenges and even legal constraints that hinder making the vision a reality. However, Mark Thimke and Bruce Keyes, attorneys at Milwaukee-based Foley & Lardner LLP who specialize in brownfield redevelopment, […]

Where Does All the De-Icing Salt Go?

Other than helping our vehicles to operate in wintry conditions or stopping us from falling on our backsides during a particularly icy day, not many of us give too much thought to the tonnes of de-icing salt used on our roads and pavements every year. Where does it go after use? Who cares. Well, a […]

Study: Chinese ships are the top ocean waste dumper

Chinese cargo ships are dumping nearly three-quarters of plastic bottle waste fouling the Atlantic Ocean, surpassing South American nations.  Researchers from Canada and South America have inventoried plastic waste that washes up on Inaccessible Island since the 1980s. Currently “75% of bottles are from Asia, with most from China. The recent manufacture dates indicate that few bottles […]

Enforcement trends: Wastewater shortcuts don’t pay!

Competing in the marketplace is tough. Paying bills and finding capital to repair or replace equipment pushes plenty of companies to the economic brink!  What you can’t afford to do is scrimp on environmental duties – that’s an invitation to mammoth fines and time behind bars. These two recent enforcement actions are proof positive: Can’t delay maintenance […]

Intern News

Ni Hao!    Richard Pan, Chemical Quality Control Engineer, Wanhua Chemical Group, Shandong, China–Earlier in the year, AET had our first international Intern!  Richard Pan was selected to participate in an 8-week program here in the US, to learn about US environmental laws and requirements through AET.  He worked with AET’s Technical Service Manager, Anne Nelson, […]

New Places New Faces

AET Environmental is pleased to announce several promotions and new positions. Gary Mossor has been promoted to  Vice President of Operations.  Gary joined AET in 2009 as Director of Operations Intermountain.  In that role, he utilized his talents and experience both to help clients and also to streamline processes across all AET offices.  Those efficiencies […]

RCRA red tape slashed for recyclers

Manufacturers and the recycling industry by and large liked the transfer-based exclusion (TBE) amendment … … to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act’s (RCRA) definition of solid waste. And now the courts are in solid agreement with them. The Washington DC Circuit Court upheld the TBE despite environmental groups’ arguments it would spur dumping of hazardous materials and […]

EPA enforcement blitz heats up: 5 areas drawing big fines

EPA is zeroing in on facilities that lack controls and contingency plans for keeping pollutants out of the environment.  Notice we didn’t say inspectors are targeting actual cases of pollution! Most of the six-figure enforcement cases being announced this summer don’t involve spills, leaks or toxic emissions. 5 deadly compliance sins to avoid Here are five […]

Anonymous tips trigger universal waste inspections

State regulators won’t hesitate to fine smaller facilities that ignore universal waste rules.  One common mistake businesses make is assuming products like compact fluorescent bulbs are “green” and therefore don’t require special handling, according to New England law firm Murtha Cullina. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) recently fined a tanning salon, research […]