AET Lab Packing

AET’s Lab Pack program is designed to provide “turn-key” management of laboratory-sized, small chemical containers. All AET field chemists work under the guidance of certified hazardous materials managers (CHMMs).  We help clients produce a chemical inventory or characterize and segregate a  prepared inventory.

AET field chemists segregate small-container waste based on DOT hazard class and disposal facility requirements. We pack materials in UN-rated containers, transport and dispose of.  AET maintains several DOT Party Exemptions, which provide relief on some packaging restrictions,  allowing us to pack more effectively, and reducing the cost to clients.

The benefit of using AET is that we are nimble and agile in our responses to your questions and requests for information. We help clients understand why the regulations require certain separations or segregations of chemicals.  Each lab pack project has its own qualities, but AET’s field chemists, having completed these projects for over 20 years, have pretty much seen everything.  You will be pleased by how positively the lab pack progresses!

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