5 tips for avoiding hazardous waste mistakes

5 tips for avoiding hazardous waste mistakes

Whether your site generates a drum of hazardous waste per year or you manage complicated waste streams, it’s critical your team is on top of EPA rules.

Here are a few RCRA best practices recommended at the recent MECC 2015 in Chicago:

Mix training regimens

Grady says go with formal classroom instruction for all staffers. As staff come and go, don’t wait to schedule refreshers.

Also incorporate on-the-job training to familiarize everyone with waste streams, storage areas, etc.

Focus on the specifics

Broken up, shorter sessions on compliance “gotchas” are a good idea too. Go over container labeling, filling out manifests and keeping corrosives (C), flammables (F), etc., separated.

EPA regs not the whole ball of wax

Some facilities overlook Dept. of Transportation (DOT) hazwaste rules. DOT regs can differ from EPA’s.

Do your own classification

Another mistake facilities make is depending on vendors to classify waste streams. Vendors make more money by increasing the waste they handle!

Grady’s advice is do it in-house to boost learning and reduce liability.

Label before you fill

Always label waste containers first before filling them.

It’s a “trick” that will remind staffers to mark the accumulation start date and other info before they put waste in.