The Top 10 Environmental Compliance Stories of 2017

As we ring in the New Year …

… let’s take one last look back at the most popular stories from 2017.

1. An unwelcome Christmas gift arrives early for Macy’s

2. Satellite waste accumulation areas are on inspectors’ radar

3. What’s new with universal waste regs?

4. Trump White House EPA cuts are coming into focus

5. EPA will soften its clean air permit requirements

6. Revised RCRA programs go live in 2018

7. Staff turn in bosses for rigging monitors: $3.5 million fine & jail time

8. Parking lot ‘no-no’ for stormwater permits

9. EPA ramps up RCRA regs: What’s a universal waste now?

10. EPA is losing its grip on NDPDES programs

Courtesy: Environmental Compliance Alert

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