Tier II reporting: Agencies, responders need more data

The Tier II hazardous chemical inventory reporting deadline is March 1. 

EPA expanded the physical and health hazards facilities must report. In years past, there were only five categories: fire, sudden release of pressure, reactive, immediate (acute) and delayed (chronic).

Tier II is linear with OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard so agencies and emergency responders have the most accurate data.

Responders need to know

Here are the 13 kinds of physical hazards to report:

• explosive

• flammable (gaseous, aerosol, liquid or solid)

• oxidizer (liquid, solid, gas)

• self-reactive

• pyrophoric (liquid or solid)

• pyrophoric gas

• self-heating

• organic peroxide

• corrosive (to metal)

• pressurized gas

• flammable if in contact with water

• combustible dust, and

• hazard not otherwise classified.

And here are the 11 kinds of specific health hazards to check off:

• acute toxicity (any exposure route)

• specific target organ toxicity

• skin corrosion or irritation

• serious eye damage or irritation

• respiratory or skin sensitization

• germ cell multagenicity

• carcinogenic

• reproductive toxicity

• aspiration hazard

• simple asphyxiant, and

• hazard not otherwise classified.