Is EPA wavering on toxic solvent bans?

Manufacturing bans on two common chemicals are on hold. 

EPA has extended comment deadlines twice this spring for restrictions on trichloroethyle (TCE) and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP).

Chemical manufacturers dispute EPA’s toxicity findings and want more time to pull their own scientists’ data.

Congress approved toxic substances crackdown

TCE and NMP were on EPA’s first list of highly toxic chemicals it proposed to ban under the amended Toxic Substances Control Act.

Congress gave EPA sweeping new powers to remove the most dangerous toxics still in moderate to heavy use by industry.

EPA proposed an import, processing and manufacturing ban on TCE as a vapor degreaser and spot removal agent in dry cleaning. TCE can cause cancer and neurotoxicological defects.

NMP would no longer be allowed as an ingredient in commercial paint and coating removal products.

Manufacturers must also warn potential downstream users of health risks associated with both solvents.