EPA enforcement office to be slashed – or closed

Federal environmental enforcement will take a severe hit if the White House gets its way.
Congress will consider a 60% cut in civil and criminal enforcement funding at EPA. That would slash

EPA cop spending to about $4 million, lower than it’s been in decades.
The bulk of the money being pulled out would obviously hit staffing. Enforcement would lose up to 200 staffers, many of them ground-level inspectors.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt reportedly wants to shut down the enforcement divisions and move duties out to regional offices.

The White House proposed a 31% cut in overall EPA funding and elimination of up to 50 different programs.

Sign of moves to come?

Watchdog groups were alarmed when EPA’s Open Data website shut down for a couple of days.
The assumption was the agency wouldn’t provide toxic air, water and waste data online anymore. EPA promised the portal would be back online soon.